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vacuum Elevator

Vacuum elevator (pneumatic vacuum elevators) represents a technological innovation for home elevators that provides the benefits of comfort and safety. A distinctive feature of this particular residential elevator system is that it is usually made of transparent plastic tubes. There are no cable or pulleys. Poly carbonate plastic and aluminum are often utilized as the key materials, because minimizing the weight is essential for this type of construction. The transparent material is often use, because the diameter of the elevator cab is smaller than that of other types of elevators to further reduce the weight and thus prevent the uncomfortable feeling of being in a tight space. The light weight is essential, because it is air pressure that lifts the vacuum elevator.

The Basic Principle of Vacuum Elevator

Vacuum elevators

The basic principle for the operation of the vacuum elevator, which is also know as the pneumatic elevator, is the use of the difference in pressure between the bottom and top of the elevator cab. To visualize how this happens, it is important to understand the structure of this elevator system.

  • Its outer shell is a straight cylindrical tube that connects the ground floor to the other floors of the multi-story home.
  • Inside this tube is a smaller cylindrical tube with a diameter that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the outer cylinder and has a height that is appropriate for a standing person.
  • Thus, the smaller cylinder is free to move inside the bigger tube, but there are no cables attach to it.
  • To lift the elevator cab, a vacuum pump sucks the air from the top of the large cylindrical tube to reduce the air pressure on the top of the cab.
  • This creates a pressure difference that gradually lifts the cab.
  • To bring it down, the vacuum pump is shut down and air is permitted to get in.
  • This will slowly lower the cab as the pressure between the top and bottom gradually reaches equilibrium.

Vacuum Elevators Benefits and Possible Disadvantages

vacuum elevator

This technological advanced elevator has the benefit of having a lower price,

because it is simpler in design compare to the hydraulic elevators. However, it may be harder to find a company that manufactures this particular type of elevator. Another potential disadvantage is that the cab is usually smaller than usual and does not usually accommodate a wheelchair.

However, the primary advantage of the vacuum elevators is with regards to safety.

  • It is not possible for the elevator cab to suddenly drop to the ground floor. Because the air pressure cannot change rapidly. Instead, it will always adjust gradually, resulting in a slow descent to the ground.
  • Because of the design, the cab will also not go into free fall if there is a power failure.
  • Moreover, the operation of this elevator is less costly, because it does not need electric power on the way down.

This elevator has unique aesthetic properties, because of its futuristic appearance and will likely have a stronger impact on the home’s market value compared to the other designs.

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