Hydraulic Road Blocker in Pakistan

Hydraulic Road Blocker

The inspiration for this hydraulic road blocker will be use to control unauthorized vehicles. Also transition to places where high security conditions are require. The front of the hydraulic road blocker must be level. The appearance should be inclined at 45 degrees and the back cover must be hing at the bottom of the back cover. If there is a threat of vehicle attack in addition to controlling vehicle access in a high security application, the hydraulic road blocker is the unique solution.Hydraulic road blocker also known as Hydraulic road barrier.

Hydraulic road barrier system

In hydraulic road blocker hydraulic components to be use should have emergency valve and also button to open and close the system in 2 seconds. When an event occurs, access must be integrated into the work. In addition, the low position it does not prevent vehicles from entering the protected area and in the high position, the anti-crossing platform prevents unauthorized access to the vehicle.

Hydraulic Road Blocker


There should be an optional speed limit in hydraulic road blocker. In addition, Speedometer Features, these meters should be able to sense the vehicle at 100 meters. The distance from the road blocking system. So that this speedometer must be adjustable through process control. The road blocker also detect any possible attack on the system and automatically shut down.

Installation Areas

Such as,

  • Business center
  • Government agency
  • Financial institution
  • Military base
  • Hotel
  • Educational institution
  • Nuclear power plant
  • Entertainment area


Such as,

  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Service spares
  • Manual operation in the event of power failure
  • Ease of installation

Hydraulic Road barrier Performance

Provides a high level of security to prevent unauthorized access to the vehicle. Also hydraulic road barrier for preventing any wheeled vehicle from entering the premises.

Road Blocker

Hydraulic Road barrier Strength

This road safety equipment is manufactured from high-quality evaluation materials and hydraulic road barrier also uses large evaluation materials to provide maximum strength and durability.

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