How to Install Home Elevator

Home elevator installation

Before choosing a home elevator, it is important to understand the installation requirements to ensure that the elevator can be installed. It is possible to install an elevator in an existing house, but it is naturally easier to plan the elevator when constructing the house.

Remember to know before installing a home elevator

  •  Plan an area of about 5 square feet to build your home elevator path.
  •  The safety pit requires space under the elevator. Space varies by model, but at least 6 inches are allow.
  •  You will need the space above the platform above the elevator called the ceiling. This space varies by model but you need at least 1.5 inches.
  •  How many sites or floors must you maintain?
  •  Do you need one door in the elevator to enter through it, or do you need another door to enter / exit at one of   your other stops?

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Where can a home elevator be installed?

The advantage of home elevator is that they can be install almost anywhere in the home. The most typical installation is an home elevator that moves from the family room to the landing, but it can also be install from one cabinet to another in the stairwell vacuum. If two separate entrances are require, it can be configured. Residential elevator move between downstairs rooms such as the living room, while elevator usually enter the upper floors in the bedroom. The home elevator will occupy a small part of the floor space and is of course intended to be integrated with the internal space in which the residential elevator will be place.

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Benefits of installing a home elevator

  • Lift saves your space
  • More practical than stairs
  • The elevator is very safe and has a good anti-fall effect
  • They help style your home
  • They increase the value of the house property

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