Commercial Automatic Sliding Glass Doors

automatic glass door

Traditional doors work according to ancient hinge principles. On the other hand, automatic sliding glass door give users a precise feel when the door rolls on rolling bearings and tracks.Automatic doors have many useful features, which is why you can find them in many types of locations. From supermarkets to airports and other large buildings, automatic sliding glass doors provide easy access to the building. They are especially useful for people with disabilities

Who introduce New door system?

Holden and Hewitt show the world a new door system …

In 1954, Horton Glass hired Dee Horton and Lew Hewitt, a corpus in Christie, Texas. The company had just completed the replacement of another customer’s wind-damaged glass door. Strong winds from southern Texas severely damaged traditional glass, sliding doors and ensured continued demand for such repairs. To make matters worse, unpredictable wind could blast a door and close it when someone tries to cross. So sinus decided to invent a better door system.

commercial automatic glass door

Narrow door space

A automatic sliding glass door with a retractable design may be very effective when there are a large number of visitors, but the space of the door is very narrow, because the design of the automatic door allows two leaves to slide in the pocket together. The design that splits the skateboard into two sections and folds side by side allows us to take full advantage of the narrow door.

Brightness and security

Most commonly, sliding doors are made of durable glass, allowing enough light to enter the house where they are installed. These doors are equipped with sensors to prevent jamming and are designed to provide emergency opening in the event of a power failure. It should be checked every four to five hours. The system allows all automatic glass door to slide backwards in the event of a normal power failure, thus providing a huge evacuation space in an emergency.

automatic glass door

About company

Access Technologies has been manufacturing and selling automatic doors for past few years. It designs its own automatic doors and sells them directly to customers, eliminating middlemen and keeping prices low. For more details, please contact us.