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An automatic elevator is an elevator that does not require the passenger to press the floor button. They can be traction models or hydraulic models. The comfort and safety of automatic elevators provide simplicity and convenience in terms of use.

Today, construction companies prefer to use car elevators in projects rather than semi-automated elevators. In addition, they use automatic elevators to provide users with visual value and comfort.

There are panels that can be opened to both sides, such as the left, right, or center of the elevator door and landing door in the cabin. These panels move automatically. When the elevator compartment reaches the required floor, the elevator door opens automatically and closes automatically before moving again.

When the elevator goes up and down, the elevator also stops on the floor, and the user who wants to enter the elevator presses the same floor button as the elevator moves. Automatically, it keeps all calls in its memory to answer all calls. Therefore, any number of people can use the elevator. If you don’t call the lift, the lift closes until a new call is made.

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How it works

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There is no need to press the floor button when the elevator is running. When a passenger enters and/or leaves the elevator cab, the door sensor detects the passenger entering or leaving. After the door is closed, the elevator will begin to run by itself and then stop on each floor. There are no floor buttons in the cab, except for alarm and door control buttons.

After the last passenger leaves the cab, the elevator will continue to run until the next floor, and then it will stop itself and stay there until the next passenger uses it.

A similar pattern is Sabbath services. This mode works like an automatic elevator, where no floor buttons need to be preset. Instead, the elevator will run to each floor in sequence; Once it reaches one end-water floor, it reverses and stops all floors in the opposite direction.

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Automatic Doors

automatic door

This type uses two different door sets: the door on the door and the door that enters the lift shaft. The doors on the car are operated by an electric motor, which is connected to the elevator computer. The electric motor rotates a wheel attached to a long metal arm. The metal arm is attached to the other arm, which is attached to the door. Doors can slide back and forth on metal rails. When the motor turns the wheel, it rotates the first metal arm, pulling the second metal arm and the connecting door to the left. The door is made of two panels, close to each other when the door is open and protruding when the door is closed. When the car reaches the floor and closes the door, and then the car starts moving again, the computer turns the motor to open the door.

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