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Some of the world’s fastest lift can reach speeds of 64 kilometers per hour or more. These lifts are installed in some of the world’s tallest buildings, and seven of the world’s eight fastest elevators are in Asia.

It is believed that 40 percent of the world’s elevators will be installed in Asia by 2020. The world’s fastest elevator is use to transport people and transport people and uses electricity to travel across many floors.

Everyone in the construction industry strives to do their best, building the tallest buildings, building the longest bridges, and the same battles are taking place between elevator manufacturers; We all want to develop the next generation of elevators and break some serious records.

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3 Of The World Fastest Lift

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1. CTF Finance Centre Tower

The new CTF Financial Center Building in Guangzhou, China, is not only the seventh tallest building in the world but also the fastest elevator in the world.

Standing at 1,740 feet, the elevator can reach speeds of up to 44 miles per hour in this incredible skyscraper.

2. Taipei 101

Speeding into second place is Taipei 101, which can be found in Taiwan. The 1,670-foot-tall upper floor was the tallest building in the world in 2004 before the Burj Khalifa was built in 2009.

As an icon of modern Taiwan since its inception, it also holds the fastest promotion title until 2016. Two elevators in Taipei whizzed from the ground to the roof at 37.7 miles in 30 seconds.

3. Yokohama Landmark Tower

Yokohama’s famous Yokohama Landmark Tower has 79 elevators.

The 2,460-foot building also has a Mitsubishi elevator that can travel 28 miles per hour; This is the fastest lift in Japan.

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The elevator of the future

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Elevator manufacturers say the ultimate high-rise elevator of the future will move between buildings ropeless, vertically, and horizontally.

Some of these developments may not be far off. According to elevator expert Albert So, the concept of cordless elevators based on linear motors existed more than 20 years ago.

If applied in practice, this innovation will mean that multiple cabins can use the same elevator lifting method to increase the capacity of the building’s passengers.

Elevator manufacturers are already developing weight-free elevators. Steel and technology group ThyssenKrupp this month proposed an elevator that runs without a mating, saving valuable space in buildings.

But elevator experts doubt it will be faster than Hitachi’s latest record of 20 meters per second.

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