Pneumatic Elevator -Alternative For Home Elevators

Pneumatic Elevator

A transparent tube that can be used in residential homes for carrying people to upper floors or bringing them to the lower levels is the common feature of the pneumatic elevator.

This innovative system, which is also known as a vacuum elevator, does not require any pulleys, cables or even pistons. The cab is often construct from transparent poly carbonate and aluminum for a strong, but lightweight structure.

Minimizing the weight is essential. Because it is the difference between the air pressures above and below the cab that will cause it to move, either up or down. Thus, it is the vacuum pumps that are responsible for the movement of the pneumatic elevator.

Advantages of This Cutting Edge Invention

  • This emerging technology for residential elevators provides the advantage of being easy to install, operate and maintain when compared to the conventional home elevators.
  • These elevators are particularly suitable for existing houses. Because they do not require the digging of a pit and hoist way.
  • Moreover, the safety and reliability of the pneumatic elevator cannot be exceeded by other designs. Because the physics that forms the basis for the design makes it virtually inconceivable for the elevator to lose control and drop to the ground floor or to be stuck in between floors.

Home Elevators

There are many advantages offered by this kind of residential elevator and the first one is:

  1. The innovative appearance that will provide a substantial increase in the market value of the home.
  2. It has a compact design that provides the occupant with an unobstructed all-around view of the surroundings.
  3. Because of the safety features, the elevator cannot fall faster than a certain speed.
  4. Even during the loss of electric power. The cab will gradually go down to the lowest floor as the vacuum pressure above it slowly loses its strength.
  5. There is also the benefit of requiring less electric power to operate. Because it does not need electric power during the ride down. On the other hand, it will need some relatively low power when going up.
  6. Because no excavation, machine room or hatch are require, the cost of installation is easier and less costly.

In addition, maintenance is barely needed, because it does not need any lubrication.

How Pneumatic Elevator Works


  • Basically, the design of the pneumatic elevator features a cylindrical cab that travels inside another transparent tube that is slightly bigger in diameter. But its length ensures that the occupant may travel from one floor to another.
  • The ceiling and floor of the cab are airtight and the vacuum pump removes air from the upper portion of the long tube. So that the atmospheric pressure beneath will push the cab upwards.
  • To bring down the elevator cab. The vacuum pump is simply shut down and the cab will slowly go down as the pressure in the upper portion builds up.

Therefore easy to see why even power failure will not cause the elevator to drop to the bottom floor rapidly.

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