Motion Sensor Lights Complete Overview

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion detectors are electronic devices that sense the infrared heat waves that are generated by moving objects. Most motion detectors used for outdoor lighting are designed to be especially sensitive to warmer moving objects, like people, animals, and cars.

When the detector senses movement across its field of view, it will send an electric signal that automatically turns a light on.

How long the light stays on will generally be up to you, as most motion sensor lights come with timers that you can preset. Unless the detector senses more movement, it will then shut off automatically.
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What happens when a motion sensor is triggered?

motion detector

What happens after a motion sensor is triggered will depend on your setup.

  • Best-case scenario: your motion sensors are part of a professionally monitored security system. In that case, the monitoring center will notice the alarm and send help to your home even if you aren’t available.
  • If you’ve got a smart sensor that isn’t part of a security system, you’ll still get a notification on your mobile device. Then you can decide what to do next, whether that is hurry home, call the police, or ask a neighbor to check on your house.
  • If you have a basic motion sensor with a built-in siren you must be around to hear that alarm and take yourself.

Finding Excellent Motion Detector Lights – What Are the Common Types?

Motion Sensor Light

Motion sensor lights are undoubtedly a very significant invention. With the invention and advent of these lights, household safety has become threefold. Now, homeowners can respite with the sigh of relief as these lights can block any trespassers on the household premises.

Different types of motion sensor lights are available in the marketplace these days and they are quite easy to be dealt with. Even a layman can use them for the purpose of enhancing household or office security.

Different kinds of motion sensor lights come with different kinds of characteristics. Some have ecstatic advantages, while some have some disadvantages. In the following section of this article, we shall discuss different aspects of motion sensor lights.

  • Battery Operated Motion Sensor Lights

Sensor detector light

The easiest type of Motion Detector Lights that you may come to know is battery operated lights. As the name implies, there are battery operated lights and thus they perform for a limited period as long as the battery supplies power to it. When battery stops supplying power, you just have to replace it or recharge it.

These lights are very basic yet highly effective. Some people underestimate these for being too basic, but they must understand that in terms of productivity, these are not at all lagging from other kinds of motion detector lights.

These lights are suitable for small areas. For example, this can be used for small outdoor backyard or for small outdoor lanes outside the house, etc. It is a cost-effective installation, though regular battery replacement is a hectic task. Rechargeable batteries are there, which are better than normal batteries.

  • Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Solar Motion Sensor Lights

After battery operated lights, solar lights are considered to be the easiest as well as the simplest installations. These lights are easy to be handled and like battery operated lights, these do not need regular maintenance services.

Solar panels are there in the lights, which collect energy and store it directly from the sun. The only issue is that you have to place it specifically at those places which get the sunlight directly.

If you fail to find such places in your outdoor, then such lights are of no use. Now for security reasons, we have to put lights at some specific points. Solar lights have a prominent drawback over that.

Moreover, if there is no sun or cloudy weather for a few days, then solar lights will not operate as per their potential due to a lack of energy.

  • Hard Wired Motion Sensor Lights

These are not cost-effective but the most feasible installations. You do not have to worry about its placement. You do not require regular maintenance kinds of stuff in it. Just install it and get its valuable services.

It may consume electricity at a high quality and thus installing such lights is a matter of extra expenses over electricity bills. However, these lights are simple to be installed and stable as well as durable than other kinds of motion detector lights. In terms of performance, these lights are quite satisfying.

However, if there is a power cut, then these lights would not serve any purposes. Thus, you may have to keep backup security for your outdoor in the case of the power cut situations.

How do Motion Sensor Lights work?

Motion detector Lights
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Motion sensor lights are a very popular outdoor lighting option. These lights save on energy, deter crime, and identify any unwanted visitors in the area surrounding the structure. How do these lighting products work though?

Lights that have a motion detection feature include a small electronic eye that picks up on heat waves that are produced by objects that are moving. This is especially true with warm-blooded creatures including humans.

The eye is positioned to detect movement within a certain area, and when movement is detected the light will turn on and illuminate the targeted area.

Each lighting fixture should include a timer, and this allows the owner to determine how long the light will stay on once motion activates the motion detection feature.

The timer can usually be set for a time that is between 1-20 minutes for most lights, and then the light will shut off automatically and stay off until motion is detected again.

One benefit of motion sensor lights is that these fixtures can normally operate as a traditional light as well. Flipping the light switch can turn on the light and keep it on, without the motion detection feature activating.

When the light switch is flipped again then the light will go back to motion detection mode. Most of these fixtures are adjustable so that any false triggers can be minimized.

The sensor that is installed in the lighting fixture may be adjusted so that only a certain area is covered. Usually, these fixtures will have a range that can reach up to 70 feet or even more, but this range can be limited to prevent the light from being triggered by traffic or pedestrians outside of the property.

It is important to note that these lighting choices are not infrared detectors, and any movement may trigger the light to come on. Leaves, paper, and other inanimate and nonliving items can cause the light to be triggered. Sometimes even high winds can cause a false alarm with these lights.

Motion sensor lights come in varying sensitivity levels, and some of these products are very sensitive while others may not trigger certain slight movements. When purchasing this type of light make sure that the proper sensitivity level and range are chosen to minimize any issues.

Find the Right Motion detectors Lights for Your Needs

Sensor Light

Finding the right motion sensor lights for your exterior lighting needs does not have to be difficult, but there are some factors that need to be considered. Before you make a purchase with this type of lighting there are several things that you will need to examine.

The first factor is the size of the light fixture that is needed. Do you want to light up a small back yard or detect motion close to your home? Do you want these lights for a large business to deter loiterers and prevent criminal activity on the property?

After the right size of the lighting fixtures has been determined the next factor that is important is the location where the lights will be placed. Some properties may not be able to fit extremely large fixtures without making some changes in the structure.

Other properties may not benefit from the smallest models because the property is extensive and requires substantial illumination. Look at the intended installation location and then determine which fixture sizes will work best.

Motion sensor lights also have brightness as a big consideration. You want a light that will detect anyone or anything. You do not want to light up the entire neighborhood or wake your neighbors every time a mouse runs through the property or the wind blows through.

Choose a brightness level that is adequate without being too bright.
Cost is also a crucial consideration. It is possible to find these light choices that will work for almost any budget. Less expensive models can usually be found for $50 or less, and these options may work well for the purpose you have in mind in many cases.

There are also lights with motion sensors that can cost hundreds of dollars, and even more in some cases. Look at the available budget and then include cost as one of the factors to evaluate.

The right motion sensor lights will work well, keep false triggers to a minimum, and provide the perfect level of illumination for your property. Compare the various models available, and then determine which ones will work best for your situation and lighting needs.

Motion Sensor Lights Can Improve Safety in Any Area

Sensor Lights
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Motion sensor lights are very popular, and these lighting choices can greatly improve safety and visibility in any area. These lights are used on homes, businesses, and around other structures where crime or illegal activity may take place.

When the lights are installed and the switch is turned on any motion in the immediate area of the light will cause the lighting to turn on. These lights can prevent robberies, home invasions, assaults, and even serious violent crimes.

Many criminals who are hoping to break into a building do so at night, hoping that the darkness will keep the individuals from being detected by neighbors or anyone who is inside the structure.

Lights that have a motion detection feature prevent this. When motion is detected the lighting fixture will turn on, immediately illuminating the area where motion has been detected.

Anyone who is lurking in the shadows or trying to sneak into the structure will be quickly caught out and find themselves in the spotlight.

Even the best neighborhoods can have criminal activity, and criminals do not stay in a single area. Motion sensor lights can help fight crime and keep area residents safe by minimizing the opportunity that criminals have.

If someone is up to no good and sneaking around in the darkness the last thing they want is bright lights.

When motion-detecting lights come on the criminal will quickly flee in most cases, keeping the occupants or the business and property safe and unharmed.

Many insurance companies offer a discount on home insurance and business insurance policies if there are lighting options that are motion-sensitive.

These lower premiums are the result of less risk and increased safety and security measures. This type of lighting will not prevent all crime, because some individuals are much more determined than others, but the lights can minimize the risk of becoming a victim significantly.

Motion sensor lights can be very beneficial for any home or business structure. The increased security and the motion-sensitive feature helps provide peace of mind while also keeping the energy use of the lights as low as possible.

Some lights may be very sensitive, while others require larger movements to set off the sensor and turn on the lights.

Install Motion Sensor Lights in 5 Steps

Motion Lights

  • Shut Off The Electricity-

The very first step when installing motion sensor lights is to shut off power to the home or other structure types. The power should be turned off at the main panel for the structure to ensure that every circuit is dead. Use a voltage tester to verify that the power is actually off before any wiring is touched. Failing to do this could result in serious injury or even death.

  • Verify Electrical Box Capability And Wire The Fixture-

Next, you will need to verify that the electrical box that is currently installed is capable of handling additional lighting fixtures. If this is not the case then the box may need to be upgraded. Follow the manufacturer instructions on wiring the light, and this step usually involves color coding the wires together. Both neutral wires will be white, the hot wires will be black, and the ground wires will either be bare or have a green coating.

  • Install The Lighting Fixture-

Once the motion sensor lights are wired it is time to install the fixture on the structure where the lights will be placed. Screw the entire fixture into the desired location and position, paying close attention to ensure that the rubber gasket actually seals the box edges to prevent any moisture from entering the system. A small amount of silicone caulk can help with this process if needed.

  • Aim The Motion Sensor-

Once the light is installed you will need to aim the motion sensor on the light so that the desired area of the property is covered. Try to keep the motion detection equipment at an optimal distance from the actual light to maximize the life and proper operation of the system. If the light causes many false triggers then the sensor can be repositioned to minimize this.

  • Set The Timer And Make Any Needed Adjustments-

After installing the motion sensor lights the timer and other controls will need to be set. Determine how long the light should stay on for and then set the timer for this period. Most lights allow a timer length that can be set from 1 single minute up to 20 minutes or more.

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