Hydraulic Lift System In Pakistan

hydraulic lift

Hydraulic lift system are a term often use around us. We can also see the elevator in shopping places, shopping malls, residential areas and more. There are many advantages to using a hydraulic lift.


The installation cost of a hydraulic lift system is usually cheaper than a traction elevator. They also take up less space in the building because the surface area require for the elevator shaft is reduce by about 10%. These elevators are also more efficient when high loads must be moved, because the hydraulic system provides higher lifting forces than traction cables.

Hydraulic Lift System

Principle of hydraulic lift:

The hydraulic lifting system is based on the well-known Pascal’s law. When we apply pressure to the fluid in a closed container. This force is transmitted to the liquid and the container wall known as Pascal law.

The hydraulic Lift system has three parts:

  • Liquid storage tank (liquid storage tank)
  • Pump, driven by electric motor
  • Valve between cylinder and fuel tank

Evacuation of hydraulic lift system in case of power failure

Commercial and residential hydraulic elevators system is a relatively simple system. If a power failure occurs and the elevator will descend to the designated main entrance at a low speed then  the elevator doors will open, and passengers will be able to exit the elevator. The backup battery system (UPS) required for this is relatively small because it only opens the valve to allow oil to flow and the elevator descends under gravity.

Hyraulic lift evacuation

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