Operation Principle of Freight Hydraulic Elevator

Freight Hydraulic Elevator

From the design point of view, a hydraulic freight elevator is a device based on a self-supporting mast from a rolled metal profile. A load carriage vertically moving a load platform fixed to it along the rails.

However, unlike other lifting devices, the drive function in the mechanism is not perform by the traditional electric hoist, but by a power-type hydraulic cylinder equip with a pump station.

The action of the mechanism is provide by the oil pressure in the hydraulic cylinder, the raising and lowering of which occurs precisely thanks to the influence of the pumping station. As a result of interaction with the system of branch blocks and ropes in the form of sprockets and chains, the loading platform is raised and lowered.

For ease of operation and maintenance, the pumping station for the hydraulic drive of the hydraulic freight elevator is usually located directly next to the elevator.

Freight Hydraulic Elevator Features Control

The additional equipment of hydraulic freight elevator for the warehouse involves several different types of control. Each of which is carry out using the push-button control panel. Considering that hydraulic freight elevator are most often uses on several floors, push-button control panels are also install at all levels of the building accessible for loading.

Freight Hydraulic

In addition, the equipment of the elevator control systems may additionally include such functional devices as light indicators. That determine the location and direction of movement of the cargo platform, as well as lighting devices. Which greatly facilitates the operation of the equipment in the dark.

However, if the number of expected stops of the cargo platform exceeds two. The standard control panel is replace by a more complex microprocessor device capable of performing more operations. The efficiency of the microprocessor control panel is confirm by the quality certificates of its manufacturers.

Freight Hydraulic Elevator Features Operation

freight lift

  • The mandatory procedure for security measures involves the inclusion of the following mechanisms in the basic package:
    The so-called “catchers” are devices that gently and securely fix not only the cargo platform. But also the cargo itself in the event of a break in the cargo cable. Unlocking occurs automatically, immediately after troubleshooting.
  • The phase monitoring relay determines the power supply deficiencies and, if necessary, automatically turns off the entire lift mechanism.
  • The load rope tension is controlled using a special mode. The slightest attenuation instantly activates the mode and the drive trips.
  • In case of failure of the limit switches of the extreme stops of the cargo platform. Emergency limit switches are provided.
    On each floor where a hydraulic lift is used, special door locks are install. They work in two cases the doors are lock for closing if an unauthorized stop of the cargo platform has occur. Or the movement of the elevator is block if during the unloading work. The cargo equipment was call from other floors.

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