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Elevator Equipment

We have been using home elevator for decades and always operate on very simple principles. Although the simple basic principles of elevator engineering have remain the same for many years, many small adjustments have been made to make the elevator run more smoothly.
By using computer-controlled systems, the efficiency of elevators has been improve, and they provide faster means of transportation. See the following brief list of home elevator equipment.

Home elevator equipment include:

  • Cabin lifts and wells
  • Pulley and motor
  • Control unit
  • Counterweight
  • Car rail

Cabin lifts and wells

The structure of the home elevator is design to be enclose in the elevator shaft and used to transport people and various objects to different floors in the building. Elevators come in different sizes. All elevators are design with at least one door and are operate by a motor or hydraulic system, which is pull up and lower.
Electric elevators are the most common and valuable in buildings. In addition, the elevator shaft is compose of guide rails. When the elevator is pull up and down, these guide rails are guide by the elevator. Which helps to balance any counterweight, and these two elements help reduce the burden on the elevator motor.

Lift cabin and well

Pulley and motor

Home elevator that are lift by steel cables connect to counterweights and elevator cars are electric. Although the meter can increase the weight of the elevator car to 40% of its load carrying capacity, it also helps reduce the pressure on the motor. Pulleys are so-called pulleys, which have grooves and allow the rope to be raise, raise and lower. It is the motor that keeps the pulleys (pulleys) in the right direction and takes people where they need to go.

Pulley and motor

Control unit

The control unit, motor and pulley are locate in a control room, which is usually locate at the top of the elevator shaft. This is where the control signals from each stage pass, and then they are convert by the system to tell the engine if it is going up or down. When the elevator reaches its destination, it sends a signal to the control room to stop and get passengers on and off. The software is install in a computer that monitors the motion mode. Specific instructions that have been set to other locations and signal priorities in the control unit.

Lift control unit

Counterweights and guides

Counterweights are use to reduce the pressure on the motor, as constant lifting and lowering of the lift (moving back and forth like a child’s swing) constantly applies pressure. The motor pushes the lift up and down together with the counterweight. In order to prevent the lift and counterweight from swinging. Guide rails are also design in the structure to enable it to run smoothly in both directions.

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