Automatic Arm Barriers In Pakistan

automatic arm barriers

Automatic Arm barriers come in a variety of sizes and finishes and are suitable for any site. Arm barrier are ideal for assisting traffic management and are suitable for use in areas such as car parks, airports, and traffic control areas.

Standard and heavy-duty automatic barriers provide simple, efficient automated traffic control solutions for areas in need of traffic management. These barriers can be use with a variety of entry systems, such as time clocks, proximity cards, and keyboards.

The fast operation provides a 100% rated period, and automatic arm barriers are a great way to maintain traffic control. Obstacles can be lock in open and close positions, and skirts can be select to add safety.

The boom is made of aluminum, finished in white and standard with a red reflective sticker. Obstacles are moved by the gear motor drive unit through the control panel, including overload protection, intelligent relays, and inverters. It has an adjustable limit switch that accurately locates the boom.

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Automatic Rising Arm Barriers

automatic arm barriers

automatic arm barriers

Heavy-duty automatic arm barriers are ideal for truck parking lots, warehouses, freight stations, roads, and railway bridges. Simple to operate and able to withstand extremes of traffic flow, venue, and weather conditions.

The heavy-lift arm barrier, which spans up to 9 meters of openings, is a rugged unit that operates with a powerful motor and transmission drive unit that is driven by an inverter and store in a steel/fiberglass housing.

The operation is provided by a single-phase power supply. The sturdy aluminum barrier features long-lasting, lightweight PVC half-height curtains.

This automatic rising arm barrier can be control by manned safety points or vehicle occupants using an extensive access control system.

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Wide Variety of Control Options

automatic arm barriers

automatic arm barriers

Control mechanisms may include any of the following options or combinations of them:

Wired control button at security/reception
Key switch control located on the barrier
24/7 timer located in the barrier
Keycode, keyboard located near the barrier access dock
Wired or wireless walkie-talkies operate with the call unit located on the access dock and the receiving unit at the security/reception desk
Fubu operated from inside the car
The proximity card-operated from the inside of the vehicle, the card reader is located on the access base
Free exit induction ring under the road surface to open obstacles as the exit vehicle approaches from inside the vehicle.

Additional Features

State-of-the-art energy-saving deceleration and positioning.
Motors that can move quickly or slowly.
Adjustable switch to accurately lift and lower arm positioning.
The arm will move 90 degrees to make the vertical rest position of the open barrier.

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