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Access Technologies Elevator parts are often sought after by homeowners who have install home elevators. This company carries a wide range of spare parts for various brands of elevators. It has been known to have the most number of elevator parts compare to other distributors. The parts are also shipped quickly. For example, about 98 percent of the orders that are receive by Access Technologies are ship on that very day when the orders have been place.

Some of the Access Technologies Elevator parts that are available include various brands such as:

  • Dover
  • Armor
  • Safety
  • Products

It Enhances Market Price

Elevator parts are essential for the maintenance of residential elevator systems that in turn are vital for enhancing the market value of the home and the mobility of particular members of the family. This equipment is helpful for the elderly and the physically disable, because going up or down the stairs is too difficult or not possible for them. The presence of a personal elevator in a home will also enhance its market price, because it also makes it very easy even for members of the family who are not mobility compromise to move heavy things to other floors of the house.

The Access Technologies Elevators Equipment Company

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Access Technologies Elevator parts are conveniently available from a single location and the way the Access Technologies Elevator Equipment Company does it is to produce the parts themselves using a plant equipped with machine tools and manned by skilled workers. This company started in past few years. The product line gradually expanded and it now includes

  • Polyurethane rollers
  • Handrails for elevators and parallel escalators
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Elevator fixtures
  • Safety equipment
  • Instruments
  • Power tools

The Available Elevators Products

Some of the available products include a 3D door sensor, which utilizes smart camera technology to enhance the efficiency of the protection system for the elevator door. Also It is an important addition to the existing 2D system to protect against property damage and personal injury. An essential safety product offered is a system that takes hold of the plunger and then halts the fall if the hydraulic pressure or cylinder fail to do their functions. Another product is the Equator Rope Tensioning System that prevents excessive sheave groove and rope wear.

Equipment Downtime

Elevators parts

Because of the availability of Access Technologies Elevator parts, the elderly. And the physically disabled need not be trouble if their residential elevators need certain parts. With the company’s rapid turnaround time of less than 24 hours for 98 percent of the orders. Also the downtime for these vital equipment will be minimize. Assuming that the elevator repair workers are always ready, the equipment could be repair and in running condition after a day or two.

About Company

Access Technologies in Pakistan has been a leader in automation, security and also access solutions since 2010. Everything we do is for you and we will prioritize what you need to do to get you on track. We sincerely thank our customers and strategic partners who have long-term business relationships with us. In addition, For more detail please contact us.